March/April 2018

2017 Leader in Sustainability Awards


We recently named our 2017 Leader in Sustainability recipients, an award that honors top performing Call2Recycle program participants for their commitment to battery recycling. The award opportunity is open to all collection partners and recognizes: municipalities and industry stewards who recycled more than 10,000 pounds of batteries in a year along with retailers/other organizations that recycled more than 20,000 pounds of batteries in a year. Congratulations to all of our award recipients on this milestone achievement. We value your work to sustain the environment!


Break the Battery Hoarder Habit This Spring


Life is busy, making it hard to stay organized and easy to become a battery hoarder. Help your customers cut through the clutter and break the battery hoarder habit by recycling their used batteries. Be on the lookout for details on our battery hoarder campaign, which will include promotional materials and resources to ‘go green’ this spring.

The Home Depot: More than One Million Pounds of Rechargeable Batteries Recycled in 2017


For the second year in a row, The Home Depot recycled more than one million pounds of rechargeable batteries in a calendar year. Since the start of our partnership in 2002, The Home Depot has recycled more than 8.5 million pounds of batteries. To mark this milestone and the impact of their eco-friendly actions, members from the Call2Recycle team presented the company with a commemorative award.


Collection Site Spotlight: Dakota County Environmental Resources


Dakota County, the third most populous county in Minnesota, has a track record of active involvement with environmental protection and recycling. The Recycling Zone, Dakota County’s permanent HHW facility, services 385,000 residents and accepts HHW materials, electronics and recyclables. We caught up with Laura Villa of Dakota County Environmental Resources who shared their collection efforts and best practices, which you can access here.

Industry News: The Evolving Battery Recycling Journey


It’s been 25 years since the first efforts to recycle consumer batteries began. While there’s no crystal ball for the future of batteries and recycling, a look at the last 25 years provides an appreciation of the work done and a glimpse into the future marketplace. Call2Recycle CEO Carl Smith offers his thoughts on the evolving battery journey in this recent article.


Damaged, Defective and Recalled Batteries


Are you finding damaged lithium-based batteries at your facilities? These types of batteries are typically swollen, corroded, leaking, showing burn marks or have been recalled by the manufacturer. They are hazardous and require special handling as regulated by the U.S. DOT. Ensure the safety of your employees and facility by reviewing our damaged battery resources.






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